Unique Chicken Complaint Bangkok Cockfighting  S128

Unique Chicken Complaint Bangkok Cockfighting  S128 – Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from reliable sources, here are some articles that discuss the uniqueness of Bangkok cockfighting S128.

game of two cocks fighting in a circle or arena. Usually the chickens are pitted until one of them runs away or loses, even to death. This game is usually followed by gambling which takes place not far from the cockfighting arena. But now cockfighting is more widely played online (betting) for the sake of the bettor’s safety.

The characteristics of a good Bangkok chicken to be used as a fighting chicken:

Neck Bone

First. Pay attention to the neckbone of your Bangkok Chicken, whether it has a very tight joint structure with the body or not. Because, that’s where you can find out the power of your Bangkok Chicken. If this is true, it is a sign that your Bangkok Chicken is very strong and will attack your opponent more often.

Not only that, your Bangkok Chickens also have good defensive abilities. If your Bangkok Chicken does not have this characteristic, it is a sign that your Bangkok Chicken is still very weak. If forced to go down in the cockfighting arena or other championships. Surely you will only get big losses, both in terms of material and others. Because, your Bangkok Chicken is very easy to beat.


Superrr duperrr Bangkok chickens must have a very muscular build. Remember!! Stump here does not mean just big. However, it has an elongated and strong body from the neck to the tail. Of course, if you lift the chicken it will feel heavy. Not only that, look at the position of the joints of the bones from the body. Does it look tight and strong or not with a tail. If this is the case, it is a sign that your Bangkok Chicken is super strong Duperrr.

Foot Bone Section

For the super duperr strong Bangkok Fighting Chicken, it has big thighs. If your Bangkok Chicken is like that, that’s a sign the Chicken Leg Bone is very large too. Because, many people say and believe that, Bangkok Chicken like that has a deadly attack. Then, for defense he is also very tough. Besides that, the Chicken’s Calfbone also feels very full when you touch it. Plus value, Bangkok Chicken feet like that also definitely look very smooth. However, it has cracked scales on each fingertip closest to their nail. Well, Bangkok Chicken like this is very super duperr strong and is believed to also be able to easily lower the opponent’s mental.